This week's theme:  Sustenance.  Things that sustain you:  air, water, nature, a hearty meal, good conversation, sunlight, rest, learning.  We can think of our yoga practice as sustenance ... like we could NOT live without it :)

Yoga is not about competition or comparison;  it can be another way to feed yourself.  A lot of media is set up to make you feel lacking, not enough, like you need something you don't have.  Not yoga .... yoga fills you up!  And another cool thing about yoga:  it helps you stay present to the gift of whatever is before you.  It sustains that in you ... that quality of attention and presence and focus.  Practice included strong leg work, twists, fun balancing sequences, hips and core work.  We breathed into the sustenance of a deep squat (malasana).    Final asanas included pigeon and camel.  We sealed in this effort, this work, this practice with a dreamy savasana and a big Om.  Namaste, Lynn