Ardha Bhekasana

September 22, 2018



Happy Autumn.

This week we did a twisting practice, lots of twisting shapes. We worked toward ardha bhekasana, side crow. There were many options for students and lots of warm up twists before we attempted our apex pose … the challenging, twisting arm balance: side crow.

I suggested that students think about what meaning twists might have for them in this practice. What do you want to twist into or turn toward? What do you want to twist out of or turn away from? When we make space, insights arise. I told students, “Whatever you want or need, something good will come out”. Have patience. Be present.


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What is the key

To untie the knot of your mind's suffering?


Is the esoteric secret

To slay the crazed one whom each of us

Did wed

And who can ruin

Our heart's and eye's exquisite tender


Hafiz has found

Two emerald words that



That I now cling to as I would sacred

Tresses of my Beloved's 


Act great.

My dear, always act great.

What is the key 

To untie the knot of the mind's suffering?

Benevolent thought, sound

And movement.

~ Hafiz



 Fall YOga Retreat 2014, Hidden Villa

Fall YOga Retreat 2014, Hidden Villa