Energy of deep listening

January 13, 2019

This week we drew on inspiration from Ganesha. Ganesha is a mythical creature from the Hindu pantheon. He is a boy with an elephant head. He is considered the remover of obstacles on your path. He is found at beginnings and thresholds. He is associated with the muladhara chakra, or root chakra, that houses the low spine, legs and feet. The muladhara chakra also relates to a sense of security, trust, groundedness, safety, belonging and home. When we have fear, worry, stress, it tends to drain energy out of us. When we are grounded and secure, we are more likely to retain positive, good energy.

There is lots of rich lore and symbolism around Ganesha. If you are interested, I encourage you to read more :) But this week, we simply focused on Ganesha’s big, soft elephant ears. Letting them remind us to pause, listen, be patient & start relying on our inner voice as our guide. That’s the power behind yoga and meditation: to help us start to orient from the inner space of our hearts.

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What is the key

To untie the knot of your mind's suffering?


Is the esoteric secret

To slay the crazed one whom each of us

Did wed

And who can ruin

Our heart's and eye's exquisite tender


Hafiz has found

Two emerald words that



That I now cling to as I would sacred

Tresses of my Beloved's 


Act great.

My dear, always act great.

What is the key 

To untie the knot of the mind's suffering?

Benevolent thought, sound

And movement.

~ Hafiz



Fall YOga Retreat 2014, Hidden Villa

Fall YOga Retreat 2014, Hidden Villa