"What's real, now, is the burning in the belly, the fire in the heart.  Unavoidable.  Intense.  So alive.  So present.    Sometimes you just have to feel.  You have no choice.  And sense your feet on the ground.  And breathe into the discomfort.

And trust, and maybe trust that you cannot trust right now.  And take it moment by moment, by moment, by moment.  And awaken from your dream of how this moment "should" be.  And throw away all your second-hand ideas about the path.  

Sometimes your spirituality has to shatter, so you can finally realize this deeper spirituality of feeling, and presence, and feet-on-ground, and the sound of the birds singing in the distance, and the total surrender to this precious life."                                ~  Jeff Foster


Next Yoga & Writing Retreat 

Sunday January 14, 2018... Los Altos Hills  (stay tuned...more to be announced)


Fall YOga Retreat 2014, Hidden Villa

Fall YOga Retreat 2014, Hidden Villa