Happy St. Patrick's Day!


~ Pinching those not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day is an American tradition, having really nothing to do with Ireland or St. Patrick.
~ It’s thought that the pinching started in the early 1700s, about the time that awareness of St. Patrick’s as a holiday came to the fore … They thought if you wore green, it made you invisible to the Leprechauns, which was good because they would pinch anyone they could see.
~ So the pinching is to warn and remind you about the Leprechauns
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Thoughts on a yoga practice: Yoga and meditation developed over thousands of years for spiritual reasons: to enable devotees to go beyond their mental soundtracks and realize their essential divine natures. Now many people employ these wonderful tools for psychological reasons: for a respite from their busy mental “to-do” lists, for a few moments of solace during their stressful days, to empty their minds and reboot their psychic and emotional hard-drives.
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