Review of Adriana Tigiani's novel: "Shoemaker's Wife"

I love this author AND this book! I’ve read most of her books and I highly recommend them. She creates memorable characters and combines a mix of the family history with the current story. Most of her books take place both in Italy & the USA, including this one.

I never wanted this book to end. Just a small warning, if you are looking for the purely happy ending, this is an author that captures the reality of life. Maybe it was just my mood, but this time I wanted things to be all wrapped up in a neat bow, and as in life, everything didn’t turn out picture perfect. Still worth the read ~

Her latest novel is out:  "The Supreme Macaroni Company".  It is a fabulous read, too.  Lots of family connection and insight about the big decisions in life.  Plus, its funny :)