The "release" mantra

Home phat, Home phat, Home phat .....  Swaha, Swaha, Swaha

This is called the "release" mantra that we chanted at my retreat: Vitality & Chocolate yoga retreat.  A few of you wanted to know more about its origins.

You can use it anytime, in any moment when you feel hijacked by self-doubt or any issues with self-confidence or self-sabotage.  So when you're feeling contracted in anyway, say this mantra and its a beautiful way to lighten the load.  Use this mantra before a meeting, teaching, a conversation.  

The mantra itself Is:  Home phat 3x in a row followed by Swaha 3x in a row.  You can say the mantra out loud for 1 minute or up to 5 minutes.  Whatever you need and have time for.  

Its translation means to be gone, released into the great fire pit, its a sweeping out.  Use this for anything in your life that needs to be burned away, released.  Start by being very clear and precise about what it is in your life that needs to go.  That reoccurring, limiting thought that plagues you or moments in your day.  What it is for you that needs to be let go?

More specifically, the translation is:  "Into the fire pit of Lord Bhairava (that's the name of Shiva in his most fierce state) the great heart of the absolute, I now make my offering .... be gone, swaha".

Its a heat building "japa" (a spiritual discipline involving the meditative repetition of a mantra or name of a divine power).  Enjoy ~