Great Digestion


This week of thanksgiving brought a theme designed for great digestion. In our flow, we nourished ourselves with strength, balance and we wrung ourselves out with lots of twists.

We set up for great digestion, so we could digest food, people, experiences, cooking, shopping, irritating relatives, crowds, traveling or whatever students needed :)

The idea was to be so wrung out at the end of class that any frustrations or worries would leave your body & mind. Our twists were interwoven with some core, free time for an inversion or pose of choice, Goddess pose with arms overhead thinking of something you’re grateful for and receiving it with open arms, crow pose, partner squat, tree with a twist, and our apex arm balancing, twist: side crow. Students connected, laughed and breathed away any anxiety or tension. We closed with pigeon, a backbend and a partner upavista konasana with a twist.

I am thankful for each and every one of you, Lynn