You can heal in an Instant


You can heal in an instant. That was my theme this week. We all know someone, or maybe we’ve experienced this ourself …. when a big stressor hits, we instantly feel sick or a gray hair pops out.

When we get tight & frustrated, we close down pathways of creativity and wellness. When we embrace concepts like “you can heal in an instant”, the power of the mind kicks in and we open those pathways.

It’s so easy to assume worse case scenario, and we’re all guilty of it from time to time. But this has been one of the most useful pieces of information I have ever received. It has shifted me so many times out of the muck and into a better day.

This is a practice of calming the mind and repairing the body. Before we got moving, I gave a little back story. About 10 years ago, I was in my last weekend of teacher training in Berkeley. It was a big weekend. We were in training on Saturday & Sunday, 10-7:00. I woke up that Saturday with a sore throat. I was in disbelief, denial ... this could not be happening! My last training weekend meant so much to me. I went ahead and got ready and drove to Berkeley early to take Abby’s class. She’s an amazing teacher and I’d been wanting to take her class. In her class that morning, she spoke of how you can heal in an instant . I took it so to heart and believed those words so completely, that I swear my sore throat went away for the whole weekend and never came back that next week.

So, I encourage you to stay aware and observant of different forms of healing that are available to you. This saying may speak to you or you may have your own healing rhetoric that uplifts or re-directs you. I offered one final thought on healing before we move into our asana practice. Bruce Springsteen has been on broadway for the last year. He said that when he was young, he had 4 aces. They were: youth, 10 years of band experience, a band that respected and understood his style, and a magic trick. Well, I believe in some ways I have that same magic trick. The healing I have to offer my yoga students has less to do with my own training, studying and practicing, and more to do with this magic trick, which is “us”. When we practice yoga together, there is a oneness to our energy, we become an “us”. And I think that is one of the most healing components of the yoga.

Thanks for practicing with me, Lynn