Compassion was the focus of class this week. When we tap into compassion for ourselves, it expands to others. We moved through a flow that tapped into the compassionate energies in the body.

So whether they were directing that compassion towards themselves, another, a situation or an injury, I encouraged students to “notice how compassion guides you to move on the mat today”.

As students closed their eyes and settled into their ujjayi breathing, I asked them if there was a place in their life that might be a bit tender. I asked them to bring forth compassion toward that challenge or suffering without judgement. Inviting them to visualize holding it like a parent holds a little baby, tending to it, nurturing it. Then thinking of an intention of how they’d like to compassionately be with it on the mat. While students contemplated this, I asked them to put their right hand over their heart space and their left hand over their right hand … as a gesture of dropping into this seat of compassion and love.

We focused on hips today because hips can always use a little compassion and love :) We opened with the healing sound of Om, then moved into strength, balance and hip openers. Class was interjected with dancing orangatang, aka, handstand switching straight legs in the air, 2 minutes of free time, and a minute in forearm plank. Poses for the hips included: anjenayasana, lizard, humble warrior II, half moon, standing pigeon, and regular pigeon. Each class varies a little bit. Some classes included the playful and powerful combo of boat to chair. We said goodbye to the lovely yogi, Angeles. She has been a bright light to our community at Apple for many years. We wish her the best as she moves to Spain next week.

From my heart to your heart, Lynn