This week's practice was a practice of listening.  Listening to your body, to your breath and to the poses.  Staying focused on these questions as you practice:  

What is the pose telling me?  What is the pose awakening in me (inspiration, hope, courage, peace)?  What is the pose assisting me with (possibly rooting out fear or doubt).  

As we all work to drop below the judgments and expectations of the mind, students were encouraged to refine their practice to honor whatever was coming up that day while trusting the process to keep on practicing, noticing, listening, exploring and being curious.  

We strengthened the back with salambasana; we strengthened the core with chair into boat pose.  Students brought their curiosity and listening to challenging balancing flows and deep twists.  Learning to engage an even amount of energy throughout the pose while still creating space for deep, unhurried breath.  We closed practice using a strap on the back foot in pigeon to further open the quads, shoulders and back.  Ending in a quieting savasana.  Namaste, Lynn

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