Plank Play


This week's class was called: plank play.  We played with several variations of side plank.  Pantanjali in the Yoga Sutras says, "the perfect yoga asana is a combination of irresistible stability and alert relaxation".  The class this week helped students explore the balance between effort and ease.  

Physically, we focused on every exhale drawing the belly and ribs in, to support the core and back and to also learn to:  "strengthen, don't tense".  Learning to be in our strength and effort but maintaining an undercurrent of ease.  

I spoke of how the asanas (yoga postures) help you get strong, flexible, bring calm, energy and healing but even more important are the intentions a student percolates through the poses.  Being present, mindful, in the breath as you move.  

We had fun and each student looked at where they wanted to put more effort and where they wanted more ease and how that played out in their poses this week.  Namaste,  Lynn