The theme this week was adventure.  My wise friend, Allegra, said to me, "it's really the spirit of adventure that you bring to anything you do that is the real adventure".  That helped me feel adventure in smaller, day to day things.   

You don't have to climb a mountaintop or fly across the world to have an adventure.  Those are fun things to do, but the real adventure is the intention and effort and heart you put into it whatever you're doing, whether climbing a mountain or taking a yoga class.  Like with the hiking example, reaching the peak is exciting, but the adventure was every step to get there and all the vistas along the way.  As with your yoga practice, attaining new poses feels great, but the adventure was being curious and showing up and experimenting and being mindful as you took deep breath after deep breath.  

The real adventure is the connection to the present moment, to the strength available to you, to enjoying moving your body and the ease & freedom that come with it.   

My invitation was to let your commitment to the adventure/to the process inspire you, not the result.  Remembering that the truth of who you are does not depend on executing a flawless yoga pose.

So we had some fun as we explored hamstrings today ... an adventure in and of itself :)  Thanks for coming out.  Our sequence included lunges, surya namaskar, warrior poses, parsvottanasana, tree, a partner squat, handstand, variations of side plank and hanumanasana.  We ended with the hamstring strengthener, bridge, to compliment all the hamstring stretching today.  Namaste, Lynn