This week we explored balance. Balance looks different in each of us. You may not be able to see balance, but sometimes you can sense a person is connected with their center. Last week we explored the energy of deep listening and tuning into our inner voice. Our inner voice, our inner balance knows when we are vital, healthy and in deep harmony.

We explored balancing poses, but we also explored balance in a broader fashion. Students looked to balance their in breaths and out breaths. They aimed to balance their bodies from right to left, front to back. Balance was sought between strength and rest, movement and stillness. They noticed where they were putting their effort, and if redistributing brought more balance inwardly or outwardly.

I reminded yogis that they will always feel a little bit of natural wobble, a little bit of natural instability. But to remember that the wobble is part of the fun :) Additionally, to tell themselves: “ I can breathe steadily in the midst of wobble and instability. I can relax even where there’s a little discomfort ”. Poses included gate, warrior 3, dancing Orangatang handstand, dwi hasta parsva konasana, half moon, side plank, standing pigeon, as well as playful attempts at bird of paradise. Students finished their practice with flowing bridge and an opportunity to do upavista konasana with a bolster. Some chose no bolster, others took the restorative option, and tucked 1 or 2 blocks under a bolster to prop it to a height where they could hug it and rest deeply. Namaste, Lynn