Hope you guys are having a fun St. Patricks Day. This week the theme was reciprocity. We listened to the feedback in our foundations, be it hands, feet, shins, belly.

We focused on the Earth element, the most dense element. It’s a really wonderful, stabilizing force. The practice was one of noticing the reciprocal relationship we have with Earth. As we press down, root down, get grounded . . . we feel the rebound response of the solid Earth beneath us holding us up, offering up support, structure and expansiveness into our bodies.

Its just healing to touch the Earth and connect. We have all felt that at the beach or on a hike …. touching sand, rock, water, leaves. Feeling that energetic exchange.

Students kept their focus on whatever was touching the ground. That awareness/intelligence of the Earth’s reciprocity. This kind of practice is a great remedy for over-thinking. When you really feel into the silent strength of the Earth …. you notice how calming & quieting it is for the mind and nervous system.

Asanas included: surya namaskar; standing poses; the balancing poses: half moon to revolved 1/2 moon, tree & dancer; Temple pose playing with toe placement; supta virasana to open quads & increase flexibility in the knees and hips & to tone the arches of the feet; bow backbend to feel the belly communicate with Earth; pigeon, shoulder stand, fish & a deep forward fold to feel the back of the legs release into the support of the Earth. Some core was sprinkled throughout and yogis got the chance to take 2 minutes of free to time to explore a pose of their choice. Thanks yogis for a deeply connecting practice, Lynn