Symmetry / Even Effort


Like the snow leopard, who uses her tail for balance and directional guidance, we sought symmetry in our poses to find expansiveness and space and to counter all the little asymmetrical ways we move and ground.

Most yoga poses are asymmetrical. WE are asymmetrical in many ways such as our range of motion, our patterns of tension, our strength and our flexibility. So, energetically, how can the poses FEEL symmetrical? Our work was finding symmetry in our breath, the even weight & strength in both hands, both feet, both arms, both legs. I also asked students to notice where they put effort/focus too much or too little. Noticing where they over-extend or hold back.

The ideas was moving with a “sense of symmetry”. Even effort from the inside out ! A nuanced practice like this is helpful because it brings space and light and openness to your poses, but it also helps counter the ways we might strengthen more on our right leg, or lean more on our left leg, and habits like that can lead to little aches and pains and injuries along the way. Feeling for even effort in your poses can hopefully help alleviate some of that.

We did side bends, a variation of chair, pose medleys, dolphin with optional little hops, core work, and once warmed up, we focused on a few balancing poses for symmetry. Students were encouraged to find symmetry and then maybe add a slight variation to the pose and try to recreate symmetry. Yogis brought a beautiful energy and playfulness to their efforts. Thanks for joining me. Namaste, Lynn