Running app, give back

Charity Miles is a free app.  You can log your miles walking, running, or biking and earn money for one of  your favorite charities.  You earn 25 cents per mile when you walk or run.  And 10 cents per mile when you  bike.  

So anytime you take the dog for a walk, hike or take a run you can earn money for one of your favorite charities and at the same time get your fitness on :)

You need to carry your iPhone (or iPhone equivalent) with you go on your walk or run.  I found a cute running top at Brooks that has a zipper at your low back that snuggly fits your iPhone.   I put a couple tissues in the pocket to keep the phone from bouncing around.  There is also a Nike arm band that holds your iPhone, and one of my students said it works well for her when she runs.  I also found a very skinny, stretchy, lightweight fanny pack made by Nathan (called the Phantom Pak) at Fleet Feet in Menlo Park.  It holds an iPhone with its case and sits at your low back without jostling.  Now, you could hold your phone, but then you might worry about dropping it or getting sweaty hands.   

And you can switch charities each walk/run or stick with your favorite charity each time.  Then you post your miles to Facebook to thank your sponsor.   I've heard there is an upgrade to the app and you no longer have to post to FB or Twitter.  Check it out & go have fun!