Great book

I loved this book's simple and beautiful exploration of the depths of yoga.  It is a very enjoyable read. I learned many things.  Some of my favorites I will list here.  This book tells us that Yoga is the fire that dispels darkness.

Krishnamacharya's son Desikachar wrote the book with the intent to share the living tradition of his father.  Krishnamacharya lived until he was 100 years old and this book contains some wonderful photos of his life.  

The book tells us we get 21,600 breaths per day.  One of my favorite thoughts from the book is this:  The first few hundred breaths taken after waking each day are dedicated to Ganesh - the beloved elephant-headed god of new beginnings, the remover of obstacles, the enabler.  In this way, we bring the breath consciously into a daily act of renewal.

India's great gift to humanity is an accessible, practical approach to an enduring state of happiness.  This is the gift of Yoga.  I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.