10 Best Silent Retreats in USA & beyond

     I've been curious about experiencing a silent retreat.  My thinking is that I might need to start with a one day retreat and go from there.  Once I was at a one day yoga retreat in which we ate lunch together in silence.  At first I rejected the idea, but once underway it was very satisfying.  It's the same reason my favorite moment teaching is when we are all balancing silently in tree pose.  I love that powerful connection even when we're silent.   

     Excerpt:   If you're ready to completely unplug and recharge, you might want to consider taking a temporary vow of silence at one of the country's best spiritual centers. From a lodge in rural Oregon surrounded by natural hot springs to a coastal California getaway, these 10 meditation facilities offer group and personal silent retreats for a few days to a full month of nothing but stillness and de-stressing.


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