Ganesha, remover & placer of obstacles

In Hindu mythology, Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, is the placer and remover of obstacles. Is this right?  The wisdom is that there are no coincidences; nothing happens randomly.  Do you get that some of the big obstacles of your life have shaped you into the wise strong creature you are?  Each experience is an intentional opportunity for growth; if we choose that attitude. 

In Hawaiian Wisdom part of Ho'oponopono involves recognizing each experience as a stepping stone for soul growth.  Rather than resisting or judging what is in front of us, we take responsibility for transmuting it into healing and betterment.  We do this by looking for the good... even in the midst of a disaster.  This does not mean we ignore problems.  We don't put a smiley face sticker over the empty gas gauge and pretend it is full.  It means we look calmly at the problem and let it inspire us quickly to creative solution and we get busy flowing into solution.  In this way we avoid stuckness.  This is why the Tao is the "way of water".  Water dances around and flows over obstacles.  A river embraces boulders making them part of the beauty of its flow.