Rooted & Chill (and agni)


A practice to honor the season of Autumn.  In class this week we focused on feeling grounded, rooted, steady in our bodies as we stoked the belly fire, or agni.  In the fall, the weather gets cold, dry, and windy.  We want to feel our strong legs and the denseness of the bones ground into the earth ... giving the wind energy vector, direction.  We also want to keep the digestive fire strong.   

Our asana practice included leg strengthening standing poses plus six "agni" poses that gave the digestive system a good squeeze as they toned the abdominal  muscles.  The essence of agni is strong metabolism, good hunger, change, evolution and transformation.  

We  started with an Autumn intention:  How would you like to root down in this season?  If there is a pace that is not serving you, how would you like to change it to feel more grounded, more able to listen to what your body is calling for... be it food, sleep, activity.  Set an intention that will serve you this season.  See you on the mat ~