Love your fear


This week's class theme was "Love your fear, forgive your fear".  That's the way to release it.  We all have fears.  The fear could be of trying something new or of disappointing someone or of making a wrong decision.  And then, we tend to hold our fears & worries close, creating this protective tightness around our heart.  The asana practice this week was to open around the shoulders and the hips, the four quadrants of the body.

As you begin to speak to yourself in a manner of forgiving your fears, even loving them away, that rhetoric begins to heal and transform.  Think about a specific worry or fear when you practice, and as you imagine loving that part of yourself, see how that may deepen and soften you into your poses.  

Society doesn't always accept our fears and hesitations.  So we turn around and judge ourselves for having them.  But often its not the fear itself that's the issue, but how we judge it.  Let the yoga practice help you let go of that outer protectiveness and tightness to see how the fear may bring you some clarity and help you say Yes or No to a situation.