Adopt the "middle way"

Today we focused on:  not all fun, not all work in our practice.  Finding effort and sweetness.  Finding the edge of our strength, flexibility, breath and attention.  You'll begin to feel your body as your ally.  So you can truly start to feel this practice support you.  


In the asanas, the focus was on feeling less rushed as you move from one pose to the next.  Time was opened up to investigate and go deeper and linger longer in fewer poses.  

Students were asked in the beginning of class which pose they preferred to breath into longer and the requests included:  triangle, pigeon, revolved triangle,  Warrior 2, supported bridge, and flowing a few times from Warrior 2 to exalted Warrior.  A few students commented after class that it was a harder sequence when we slowed it down a bit.  I value your feedback very much, so keep it coming and I will continue to incorporate it into my themes.