Find extension from feet to crown

This week's class we focused on letting the whole body be receptive and expansive.  We need to feel it physically so we can open our perception, intuition, listening.  Feel the feet and the top of the head, that one unified line.  Keep this line open.... opening and receiving the information we need to hear.

The practical application of this focuses on this journey of getting grounded & receptive ... it helps us listen, and then we can extend this listening into our relationships, jobs, and creative endeavors.  

During intention setting at the start of class, I posed this question to students:  "What is the biggest question you have right now?".  I added, "Just hold it in front of you, in your minds eye, and receive."  Suggesting there is always guidance available if you open up and listen to your own internal knowing, but also to what you may hear, see or feel during your day.  The asana focus was to try to feel this long, expansive energy in all the shapes we explored.