Happy Hips


Class this week focused on happy hips.  Finding both strength and release.  We did a warming, heat building flow without crowding out the breath.  Students were encouraged to breath compassion into those areas where there is struggle or crankiness :)  

I invited students to keep some softness with them.  So they could take this ease with them as the practice built intensity.   We did childs pose as a group in the middle of the practice as a reminder to re-connect to that ease.  With the overall idea that the hips can learn to release even in the process of strengthening and invigorating the body.  

Class was a mix of standing poses, balancing poses,  a bit of silliness in a downward dog variation and crow into .... "tree frog" for those feeling especially playful.  A beautiful hip opener in horse stance, backbends on our belly and a few closing seating postures to further release any last bits of crankiness in the hips.  Thanks for joining me ~