This week's theme was:  Play.  We focused on tapping into the mindset & energy of play.  Thinking of how children learn about their breath and their bodies and their surroundings through uninhibited play.  

Kids know that play begs us to get messy and to fail and to be okay with it.   It's like a good belly laugh.  When we really laugh, it's cleansing and freeing.  Play is like that.  If we can connect to play, we give our overwhelmed minds deep rest.  

Play also lets us tap into a "state of flow".  It's as simple as giving ourselves permission to experience what so many of us seek .... joy for the sake of joy.  We opened with a connection to our breath and then set an intention.  We set out to practice several variations of vasisthasana.  The apex pose being kapingalasana.  Students built toward this more advanced variation after several surya namaskars, quad stretches, twists and balancing poses.  I suggested they double back to a previous side plank if that was a better fit.  Students allowed in that bit of playfulness and softness as they got strong, and fun was had by all.