Leave it on the Mat


This week's class theme was: "Leave it on the Mat"  There's a well known teaching that says:  the mind is like water.... it takes the shape of its container.  So we kind of become what we think; we become those things we hold on to.  

The idea is when you feel aggravated, stressed, sad ... get onto the mat & let it out of the container.   That way you can be a little more free and a little more clear for whatever you do want to take the shape of.    When we set intention, I offered these words:  Maybe there is something specific you want to leave on the mat.  Just name it.  Don't judge yourself or the situation or any other people involved.  Just name it; name the thing.  The first step is that acknowledgement.  Something is going on and this is what it is and now I'm going to work with these poses and my breath and my intention to leave it on the mat.  

We did a flowing practice.  Movement helps us change perspective.  And when you get lost in what you're doing, whatever is stressing you, you're not thinking about it in that moment :)  Take refuge in your yoga.  

In closing class:   Om Gum Ganapatei Namaha, may all obstacles on our path be removed.  

In loving memory of my Mom, Mary Jean Lawrence, 2/2/37 - 12/14/17.