Just One Thing

The theme this week was :  "Just one thing".  Keeping it simple over the holidays.  I asked the students if there was one word that represented how they could be better supported in this practice, in this day ... what would it be?  


If there was one word that could represent a deeper way of supporting you in your body, your breath, your life right now, what would that word be?  Just one little power word to direct your focus.    

In terms of physical alignment, we focused on drawing the low ribs in, in every pose. I asked the students to notice how this simple action helps them to:  

* connect deeper to a strong core  

* lengthen the side body  

* open their heart   ( allowing compassion for yourself, others, your word)

* keep the flow of breath open

* think about drawing their word in, connecting with it.  

We did a broad range of poses, with longer holds of one minute each in six poses.  Happy Holidays!  To a bright, new 2018!