Cultivate light

Young pigs @ Hidden Villa on 12-31-17:

Perhaps there has been a challenge or a bit of darkness and we step on the mat to turn up the light a little bit brighter ... to spark the light in our life a little bit more.

Spark your day with this flow.  Create some space for light.  So that's what we did :)  We focused on releasing the hips, while also inverting, opening the upper back & hamstrings, and an optional arm balance from ardha matsyendrasana .  The invitation of the class was to let each breath fill your body with light, to fill the space around you with light.  Then when you exhale, you can share that luminosity.  

At the end of practice, we took a moment to appreciate the time we took to practice today, to cultivate light in a sometimes dark world ... so we can offer that light to others and make a difference.  To that we bowed our heads.  Namaste.