Snap Out of It


This week’s theme: Snap Out Of It! The idea is more supportive than the theme suggests :)

We practiced a flow of familiar poses with some playful twists and turns. The asanas have the ability to help us create a calm, steady, joyful connection to the earth, our breath, ourselves and the present moment. The concept of “snap out of it” is referring to letting the practice help you snap out of any stress patterns or worry patterns. So we literally snapped and clapped weariness and tension away.

Class started with a variation of cat-cow that got into the outer hips and core. Students extended one leg out to the side, and in one large, rowdy class we playfully rested our foot on our neighbor’s sacrum. The fun continued as we danced out chair pose, and snapped through side plank, and lunging twist and any pose where we had a hand free to snap. Snapping was of course optional.

We flowed through Warrior 2 jumping jacks into Triangle with the option to add dwi hasta arms. A deep squat emerged from standing pigeon. Two blocks came in handy here! Much harder now, but still, a few claps and snaps were heard. Finishing with pigeon, brigde, and baddha konasana and a deep refreshing savasana. Thanks for joining me. Namaste, Lynn