Might and effortlessness


We examined the crossroads between mightiness and effortlessness this week. Can you be intensely engaged and still capture a thread of effortlessness? Sometimes when something is hard, we just don’t do it. Other times, we take on the challenge but we’re tense, angry, and stressed as we go about it.

I mentioned to students that I sometimes revisit portions of themes that have something universal to us as humans. To be fully present in a challenge and to be able to maintain a bit of peace or calm is not easy. It sounds straightforward but its not easy to implement. My thoughts land on this concept of “letting go of the struggle”. I think sometime it’s not the hard yoga pose, or the needed conversation or the tough work problem that is the challenge, but its the struggle we layer on top of a challenge.

This week, it didn’t really matter what yoga pose we were in, the concept applied to all of our poses. We moved through sun salutations, a long hold in side plank, humble warrior 2, a playful boat series, standing splits into ardha matseyandrasana into an optional koundinyasana :) Class included pigeon, backbends, tree to dancer, and chrownchasana. We felt for effortlessness … noticing where and how and when it showed up. We laughed as we clapped it out in chair. Try it. Chair pose will go so much faster, and you may even fall into that enviable “state of flow” where even hard things feel effortless. Namaste, Lynn