This week’s theme was Trust. It's a theme I love to teach a couple times a year.  Trust is a big concept. I suggested students might approach the word in a sweet and simple way, maybe just trusting in their practice and when they felt capable of challenging themselves and when they needed rest. If they wanted to approach the more profound aspects of trust, they could look at where they wanted to experience more trust in their lives. Maybe trusting someone else or having someone else trust them. Or applying it more broadly to trusting the process or trusting life.

My favorite part of being a yoga teacher, is teaching yoga :) My second favorite part is choreographing a sequence and theme and an apex pose, etc. When I teach this trust class, I do not plan a sequence. So an additional part of trust is for the students and me to trust that something good will come out of the class and we’ll get our needs met.  

Once we connected with our deep, silky smooth breath,  I let the students know that I would take requests. They could ask for a specific pose or a category of poses or an area of the body like hips or shoulders.  I asked them to notice if they wanted to feel more grounded, centered, open, free, clear? And to think about which pose might represent that feeling for them. In some classes I get almost more requests than I can fulfill, but it’s always playful and interactive.  

A highlight in one class was when we headed into some core with chair to boat. When we sunk to the floor from chair to boat, and then I told the group we were headed straight back UP to chair again, one students shouted out, “WHAT?” and everyone laughed! Some classes emphasized hips, other classes wanted more twists. Yogis also wanted triangle, lizard, ardha chandrasana, heart openers, low back, and pigeon.  Thanks everyone for trusting yourself and me and celebrating our community!  Namaste, Lynn