This week's class theme was "trust".  It's a theme I love to teach once or twice a year.  Trust is a big word, a big concept.   It's layered, powerful, beautiful and complex.  I asked students to contemplate during class areas of their life where they are experiencing trust and then an area of their life that they'd like to build more trust... maybe in themselves or in a friendship/relationship or a job setting.  

When I teach this class, I do not plan a sequence.  I love to choreograph a sequence and theme, but part of the "trust" on my part is to trust that everyone will get their needs met :)  And students need to trust that, too.  

Once we connect with our breath and ujjayi pranayama,  I open the floor to requests. It's a nice chance for students to tune into what they want most out of class.  They can ask for a specific pose or a category of poses or an area of the body like hips or shoulders.  Each class is very different throughout the week and it's always playful and interactive.  Some classes emphasized hips, other classes wanted more twists.  I had requests for abs, crow pose, parsva konasana, ardha chandrasana, low back and heart openers.  Thanks everyone for trusting yourself and me and creating some great classes this week.  Namaste, Lynn