The theme this week was Goodness.  Getting back to a classic style flow with poses that never go out of style and always feel good.  Turning to ujjayi pranayama as a form of support and a natural way of creating connection.  Going back to a classic, simple, good place.  Like your favorite noodle casserole :)  

Often all we need to do is come back to what drew us to the practice in the first place.  What basic goodness do you want to get back to?  The flow included familiar poses, nothing too tricky or unusual.  

I did spice up the surya namaskars with a longer flow of half salutations in which students could go at their own pace.  We moved into surya namaskar A, and students again were given a couple minutes to flow through several rounds on their own.  I added big arm circles with steeple mudra to 4 or 5 poses to help students open their thoracic spine.  Students could choose smaller circles concentrating on shoulders and upper back or bigger circles getting deeper into the hips, legs and lower back.  Thanks for joining me,  Lynn