The Pause

This week we honored the pause, the sacred pause.  I invited students to find that extra bit of quiet and pause each time they returned to downward facing dog.  Bringing balance to the practice by being still and listening to yourself.  Finding the stillness in the pause... meeting yourself there.  

To be present in this moment of pause so you can harness your energy on what it is you want to create or connect with or make space for.    We focused on forward folding poses today.   Deep hamstring work.  And a chance to have a more introspective energy to the practice.  (Additionally, students were encouraged to find the pause at the bottom of the exhale.  That split second to linger before the new breath arises).

Our apex pose was parsvottanasana.  In parsvottanasana, I oriented students to shoulder principles.  This let the deep leg work be supported by a touch of a backbend to make it that much more delicious & balanced.  Tips included:  extend your sternum away from your navel, spread your collarbones (like cobra pose), draw your shoulders back to align with your side body, and soften your shoulders to release them down towards your hips to prevent tension in the upper back.  Thanks for practicing, Lynn