Be with our Balance


This class called for us to be with our balance.  Students were asked how they'd like to show up as they worked with balance ... dropping into their center and setting ego aside.  

Physically, students were asked to focus on feeling for all 4 corners of their feet rooting, helping to anchor them, ground them.  We worked with this as we moved through the practice.  

Students became aware of their roots, beyond the  physical.  We explored the concept of returning to yourself again and again, anchoring into the present moment, into your intentions.  When we were in an asana like Vasisthasana, I implored students to remember that "imprint", even when they were not standing on their feet.   To feel that same awake energy extending out through all 4 corners of their feet (big toe mound, inner heel, baby toe mound, and outer heel).

Early in practice, we said hello to our balance just by walking.  Students stood at the back of their mat, hands in prayer.  They walked heel to toe to the front of the mat slowly, gaining more awareness of all 4 corners of both feet.  To up the challenge, we then walked backward, toe to heel, with eyes closed.... much harder :)

The close of class asked students to tune into the vibrations within them just by working with balance.  Savasana explored one thing students were grateful their body could do in this practice.  I asked them to feel free to set a new intention as they walked off the mat that supported them in their "balancing act" in life.  "How would you like to show up so you can find your center, your balance?"  My suggestion was to picture their intention already happening.  As if they've already received this blessing.  Namaste, Lynn