Qualities that make for a Great Day


This week we explored qualities that make for a great day.  Twists to stimulate our digestive system, standing poses to help us feel in command throughout our day, handstands to remember to stay playful, and I peppered the practice with a few fun, energetic 30 second bursts to bring good energy into our day.  

Examples included kicking your heels to your butt while turning in a circle.  Others: chair pose taking right toes out to the right then left toes out to the left, then back to chair with arms back and jump your feet off the ground :)  We did jumping jacks clapping our hands overhead and behind our back, and last burst of energy was high knee lifts slapping our palms which were at navel level. So, you know, classic yoga :)

Students took a couple minutes of free time to explore a pose of their choice.  I invited them to think of a pose that embodied the quality they wanted to interject into their day, be it courage or kindness or calm.  Students were encouraged to connect with a sense of humor so they could let things slide off when they didn't need to stick.  Our practice started with strong sun salutes to greet the day properly.  We built heat, stimulating our systems and engaging our muscles to support ourselves throughout our practice and our day.  Thanks for joining me.  

Namaste, Lynn