This week the theme was renewal. Lining up with the start of spring as we see more daylight, more new growth, green hills, and feel the energizing affect of sunlight. Renewal is about leaving a little space, an opening for something fresh to arise.

In practice, we did some of the poses twice to notice what new might be born the second round. I instructed: if struggling with a challenge or conflict, allow for a something new to arise, emerge, be born …. maybe an insight, a mantra, new energy, dreams, hobbies or projects forgotten. We started with surya namaskar; each student allowing for their own metamorphosis. Letting their breath and their intentions and the poses liberate energy through their bodies. In warrior 1, we did circles with steeple mudra hands to churn out any stagnation and make room for rejuvenation.

Yogis were reminded that their movements are less important than their intentions behind them. I offered encouragement to let every movement be an exploration of . . .

* a new way of being

* a new way of breathing

* a new way of seeing themselves

* a new way of seeing the world

Some of the poses practiced twice included: warrior 2, parsva konasana, cresent twist, side plank, & eagle. Toward the end of class when students were warm, we played with Ganesha’s twisting trunk and bird of paradise. We ended in gomukasana making circles with eagle arms. After savasana, students repeated a Loving Kindness Meditation to themselves and to all beings everywhere:

May I be happy

May I be peaceful

May I be free

May I have ease

May I be safe

May I be healthy

Happy Spring, Lynn