Bliss, freedom, enjoyment … states unaffected by gain or loss. Maybe not what we experience most of the time :) It sounds wonderful. Can you believe it is possible? We practiced this last week in class.

So even if students came to class tired, frustrated, hyper, anxious or tight ….. I asked them, “Can you enjoy where you are?” “Can you enjoy yourself even if you fall out of a pose?” “Can you enjoy yourself even if you’re not good at a pose?”

Is there really a way to experience joy & freedom when things aren’t going your way? It seems worth trying, worth being in the conversation. The idea is: things can get messy & intense, yet inside of it all, can you somehow feel free? We let the practice open us up to this concept, this possibility.

Class started with 3 Oms as a way to consciously step into the practice together. Students practiced bellow breaths, strong standing poses such as parsva konasana with dwi hasta arms, a minute hold in dolphin, partner tree pose, strong balance work in dancer and warrior 3, pigeon, sky diver, Hanumanasana, janu sirsasana, a deep savasana & the loving kindness meditation to close. I playfully asked them to try to see if they could feel free and find pockets of enjoyment/bliss even in a strong moment of core or balance. Student showed great focus as they redirected the monkey mind back into the feeling body, back into the breath body and back into the present moment, remembering: Now is the time for yoga!

Namaste, Lynn