Simple Joys


This week we focused on simple joys. The practice was about letting yourself play, feeling into this “in breath” and this “out breath”, connecting with your strong body and your steady mind.

Students were invited to think of something they were grateful for. Regardless of anything that had been stewing in their mind, I asked them to try to move back to a place that is incredibly simple. Remembering to focus on very simple things in our lives relaxes us, opens us, grounds us, makes us feel happy. These things we can summon back when stress & worry take over. We let simple joys and playful shapes inform our “feel good” flow this week.

First, the breath. Students dropped into a slower, deeper pattern to their breath. Intention setting followed as students thought about how they wanted to take on their day, how they wanted to feel in their day. We warmed up with sun salutations. I encouraged students to notice what a simple joy felt like to them. Sometimes if might be a moment of rest or pause, other times adding some challenge to a pose. Eagle pose was added to surya namaskar B, as well as a playful trio of chair to boat pose, optional half boat pose. Yogis laughed and remembered the simple joy of not being too serious :)

Practice deepened into warrior poses, crouching tiger into a plank “core” flow, watery spider for the simple joy of releasing tightness in the hips & inner legs, more core with dolphin to forearm plank, onto standing splits into clasped warrior 3 into revolved half moon. Rest periods or vinyasa offered as transitions. Onward to pigeon and a few variations of ustrasana pose (camel).

With hearts wide open, yogis offered up prayers and blessings and asked for what they needed. These shapes are so intelligent and sophisticated but they also remind us that yoga is about more than these beautiful postures. Yoga brings us back to ourselves. It teaches us how to breathe again. It gifts us with a self-care, mindfulness practice. And it allows us to share this practice with each other. May you be happy; may you be peaceful; may you be free; may you have ease; may you be safe; may you be healthy. ~Lynn