Art & Science


Photo compliments of one of my favorite artists:   Kit Night  

Moving into January, my wish for you is a year of peace and possibility and a kaleidoscope of kindness ... and lots of yoga :) 

This week's class was: Art & Science.  Is yoga an art or a science or both? Scientific evidence teaches us how the body affects the mind and the mind affects the body.  When we step on the mat, we learn the "science" of the practice ... we learn the mechanics and the techniques of alignment.  It's important to align the body in safe ways, but the science only serves to the extent that it supports a greater artistic freedom.  We take time to be skillful, but then we allow for spirit,  for the inner dancer, the inner artist.

Let the breath inform and motivate the movement ... that is how we become a little more sophisticated and cultivate an artistic expression through the poses.  Yoga practice gives us the chance to fine-tune our skills so we become more skillful/artful in our lives.  

We practiced balancing and hip poses culminating in some fun varieties of bird of paradise.    Namaste, Lynn