My lovely retreat assistants, Cathy & Mikayla.  We had the most delightful day at Hidden Villa last Sunday for my Yoga & Writing Retreat.  The weather was wintry but sunny which allowed us to get out on the grounds and take a meditation walk at lunchtime.  Yogis got strong and sweaty as well as explored several topics through writing.  We explored concepts of obstacles and feeling at home within ourselves.  Thank you for all who attended and made it such a special community gathering.  


This week's class was about strength.  We moved through a whole body functional strength flow.  Sometimes when we focus on strength, we do longer holds in the poses.   This week was kind of the opposite of that.  We found strength in the flow, in the transition, toggling and hovering in and out of poses.  The sequence offered fresh ways of approaching classic poses and flows.  Students were "all in" and had fun hovering their hand above the ground in triangle to build side body strength.  In cresent twist and chair twist, students floated their elbow above their knee to gain strength in the rotational muscles of their core.  We slowed it down with pigeon, a couple variations of locust and one final glorious cobra pose before a sweet savasana.